finding balance

This week has been a little nuts. That's ok. Nuts is good. I like nuts. Nuts is stimulating, inspiring and productive.

Busy weeks are a reminder to keep balance. To have fun and relax too!

In between all the crazy there has been LOTS of coffee dates, exploring with my little ones, eating cake, sunrise walks on the beach, a date night with my love, craft and lots of drinks with friends and family.

Do you always remember to have fun in between all the crazy? I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! x


  1. I love nuts too, I always feel so much more in control when there's a lot going on!

  2. Your nuts sounds like fun!! Especially the exploring with your little ones part and date night. I love that beach image - so beautiful x

  3. Where are your pink sandals from? I love them!

  4. wow! that beach photo is AMAZING! and of course the little bunting is veerrrryyy nice!