do you remember me...?

Hello! It's been a little while, hasn't it?! I've been rather unwell. A nasty flu thought it might be ok to take my poor body hostage. That nasty flu was mean! It's taken me a couple of weeks to get back to normal but I'm there now. Hooray! Before I got sick I held a workshop at Colour Box Studio. I showed some lovely people how to blanket stitch and they made some pretty rad brooches. Teaching and sharing is super fun! Watching creations being made is the best! I was so proud of everyone in the class!

Since being out of bed we've been...
* enjoying lots of backyard naps in the shade. We've had some lovely weather lately!
* we spent some time at the Queenscliff music festival. Sadie was super excited to dance to Lisa Mitchell, right up the very front. Then Sadie was ripping out some pretty funky dance moves to Clairy Browne at 10 pm... Sadie is 2! It was a bit funny. Lola was much happier sitting down and listening to Jordie Lane then jumping on the jumping castle. Pretty sure that sums my children's personalities up right there!
* we also went out for tapas and then ate waaaaay too much cake to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. His birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday dad!!

Being well again is so good. Spending time with family, friends and having fun is even better!

How was your weekend? xx


  1. i dunno what that magic circus place is, but i want to live there.

    1. It was a crazy fun house. There was mostly grown ups on it, drunk ones. It's funny watching drunk grown ups play silly!

  2. Wasn't Queenscliff so much fun! We helped pack it up today. Funny to see it go from full on festival to a broken down mess.

  3. Glad you're feeling beter, thanks for sharing your photos!