outfits :: spring has sprung!

* Dress: Thrifted * Shoes: Lotta From Stockholm *
Happy father's day to all the papa bears out there! I hope you've all had a cracking day! It's the 2nd day of spring and it's been an absolute pearler. The perfect day for lazing around in a frock, soaking up the glorious sunshine while eating yummy food and being ever so grateful for our fathers. Right now the sun is starting to set, my face is feeling rather sun kissed and it's time to open a bottle of cider and settle in for the evening. I hope your day has been a great one! xx


  1. It was such a stunner yesterday!so excited for the hot good weather to come and for these hot days to stick around!

  2. the food looks amazing!! so sad that summer is over in this part of the world. x