Outfits :: spring winds?

Today is soooo windy! Generally I can not stand windy days. I get wired and edgy. Today I'm just a bit excited though, because it's that time of year when the spring winds start. We have a few weeks left of winter and I'm looking forward to the change of seasons. This morning I was inspired to pop on a pretty floral frock! We're having a day of staying at home to bake and get crafty all day. We've collected eggs from the chickens, herbs from the garden, decided on a few treats to bake and now I have to decide which apron to wear! I love quiet days of pottering around house, I love them even more in a pretty dress! x

* Dress: Minkpink * Cardi: Ivory * Shoes: Lotta From Stockholm *


  1. Beautiful dress. The print and color are great

  2. The print is so pretty! And the little buttons are just darling... You are too cute!