lately i've been...

Do you ever have those weeks that just go by in the blink of an eye?! This week has been a busy week. A thoughtful week. A playful week. A week of pondering and wondering. This week has been so beautiful and sunny. It's winter but we've finally been given a break from the rain and been blessed with the most crispy blue skies. The wattle and cherry blossoms are out, the bees are out of hibernation and buzzing around the winter blooms. Spring is on the horizon. Change is in the air.

This week we've been:
* crocheting HEAPS! Granny square after square. It's nice to settle in for an evening with hook in hand.
* we made pizza in the woodfire oven at playgroup. Yum!
* there has been lots of country music rotating on our playlist lately. You can listen to some here, here, here and here
* sunny days have meant LOTS of trips to the playground and beach. Wearing a pretty frock while swinging really high on the swings is a must!
* we have raided all the local opshops (multiple times!)
* ate lots of yummy snacks
* backed lots of yummy treats

How has your week been? I hope you've had a lovely week! xx

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