road trip

I have been a little quiet lately, I know. My excuse is that we have just returned from a 10 day road trip. We drove 4000km (that's 2485 miles!) to farewell my mother in-law on her year long trip to France. Boy did we squeeze a lot into our 10 day road trip! My mother in-law lives in Byron Bay so it's a pretty lovely place to adventure too. Fortunately my husband and I also have lots of friends and family along the way which makes for a very fun trip! Tom and I met while we were uni students living in Lennox Head (just below Byron Bay), so it's always quite nostalgic going back to the place where we first began our journey together. Here's a few happy snaps from our little adventure up the coast.


Have you been on any adventures lately? x

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  1. Welcome back! we've missed you!
    i love the photos, especially the ones of the clouds, amazing! x

  2. Stunning pictures! Looks like you guys had a fun time! :)