washi tape

image: project wedding
Hands up, who's a little washi tape crazy?? It's so good to keep around to create wrapping paper masterpieces that, let's face it, sometimes outshine the gift inside. But, lets not stop at gift wrapping. No, lets colour the world in washi tape!! Here's some things YOU can do:

* make some festive cake toppers like these or these
* pretty up your drinking glasses
* make a cute little birdhouse key hook like this one here
* how about these cute covered pencils
* bunting maybe?
* make a sweet little bunny card to go with your creative gift wrap!
* you could also decorate, jars, vases, jugs or whatever tickles your fancy like this or this
* finally, my favourite... give yourself a washi tape manicure!

There's some nice washi tape here,
and here
and here



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  1. I have an obsession with washi tape!! It's so cute!