last days of autumn

There's only a couple of days left of Autumn. Somethings we did today:

* enjoyed the Autumn sunshine
* we dyed some of our wool using this link here. It worked really well but the colours were really bright! So, we also started dying the wool with some black tea and tumeric, much nicer.
* the girls and I took the dog for a walk around the lake and fed the ducks. It's so pretty down there, so many beautiful Autumn colours.
* we did a spot of flower picking
* enjoyed some hot tea in the afternoon sun
* had a lovely dinner with friends but I was having such a nice time forgot to take any photos!

How was your day? I hope it was lovely! x

P.S you might notice that we are all in blue and white stripes. This was unplanned and a passer-by commented on it! What a dag. Do you ever accidently coordinate your outfits??

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  1. Oh I love these pics! I especially love the one of the teapot! I adore Autumn (dreading winter!!)