the happiest mama bear in the woods

Happy Mother's Day to all the mama-bears out there! I hope you've all had the most wonderful day! I've had a lovely day with family and friends. Actually it's been a whole weekend of loveliness! There's been:

* a kiddy party at The Imaginarium Project
* coffee drinking at Cartel Coffee
* homemade pizza making
* fingerknitting
* movie watching
* lunch with family (the biggest parmi ever, golly wiz)
* more coffee drinking and cake eating at one of my favourite places, Elkhorn Cafe
* beer tasting, child wrangling and lovely spontaneous catch ups with friends

Tom and the girls gave me a beautiful purse made by the cutest Lauren in the world over at Oktoberdee. I love it! She designs lots of beautiful bags, wallets and has other treats too. I do believe you should take a peek! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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