community arts garden

Once a week I take my little ones to playgroup. We have a lovely little Steiner playgroup in the local community arts garden. My friends runs it and you can read her blog here. The community arts garden is a beautiful place for the children to run around in and explore. Some of the parents have plots there and sometimes we come home with yummy treats. This week there was chard that really needing eating! Here's what we made:

It was a pretty slap dash recipe.
I used:
a bunch of chard that I chopped and cooked down first.
about 300g ricotta
1 block of hard fetta
I popped some filo pastry into a muffin tray, filled them with the mixture and then into the oven for about 10 mins.
Easy peasy and yum!


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  1. yum! that all looks so good!
    thanks for the shout out!!