friends forever

Last Sunday, after the excitement of getting married my friends presented us with a wedding gift at a BBQ we had the day after. I have some pretty rad friends. We all went to high school together and while we're all off doing our own things now we still love each other dearly. Unfortunately, we often go far too long without seeing each other, I guess that happens when you turn into grown ups though, but when we do get to catch up it's the best thing ever! Some have children, some have blooming careers, some are back and forth overseas and it's so nice to see everyone grow in their own ways. We're all grown ups now and it's nice to share those rare moments where we get to catch up and to look at everyone and know that these are the friends that helped you survive your teenage years, the friends that you got up to all sorts of mischief with and the friends that your so proud to have. My friends know too well that I have grown from being a naughty, mischievous teenager to quite a housewife ;-) The perfect wedding gift, a KitchenAid!  My, the excitement! So this post is for my friends, the friends that I have shared tears, passion pop and good times with! I love you all to the moon and back. Thank you all for the most thoughtful and wonderful wedding gift!

 Do you own a KitchenAid? I have just found the cutest tutorial to make a KitchenAid cover over here. Cute!


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