wedding fever

It's coming up to crunch time. Tomorrow is 2 weeks until our wedding. That means today marks 2 weeks to have EVERYTHING done by!! Eeeeep!! The children are still a little germy so we missed their school harvest festival. Instead I used that time to do some weddingy things. I picked up my wedding band today, I was so excited and pretty nervous. My ring has been made out of a vintage spoon, it needed to be resized and for a little while there I couldn't find a jeweller that would resize it for me. I found one eventually and it's perfect!! I will show you another time ;-) I also ordered our flowers... that was a mission! It was like being a child in a lolly shop! I'm quite sure the florist thought I was a bit cuckcoo. I did it though and I can't wait to arrange them all and to sit down with my beautiful bridesmaids and make our bouquets.
Inbetween wedding runs I got a chance to duck into my uncle's shoe shop for a quick hello and to drop off some shoes for repair. My uncle has taken over my pop's shoe shop. My pop opened this little shop in 1948 and it is still the cutest darn shop in Geelong! I have a lot of childhood memories in this shop and it's so nice to have one place that hasn't changed.
After a busy morning it's so nice to come home, make some muesli slice and sit in the warm sunshine and make more wedding things. Tonight will be a nice quiet night as tomorrow is my hens night... I wonder what my lovely ladies have instore for me?!


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