feeling sorry for myself

I know I've been kind of quiet over the last week. Everything has been on stand still after a few sneaky germs took residence in our house over the weekend and now we're all a little under the weather. I've run a shop, run Little Bubalishka, I've been to university, I have worked for an employer and I must say the hardest yet most rewarding job is being a mother. I do not mean this in a 'I've got the hardest job in the world and you should feel sorry for me' kind of way. It's just the way that I feel. I love being a mama bear, it's the most fun and rewarding role I've played! This week I have been tested. Coughs and snotty noses are a piece of cake. Not being able to leave the room without my little one having an emotional breakdown, high fevers and not being able to switch off the worry button is exhausting! It's amazing how everything in our little world here has just stopped. I have not done very much at all. The house is very untidy! None of that seems to matter right now, all that matters is that I'm here to give out endless cuddles and mother my sick little bibies.

Yes, I too have now caught this nasty bug and I have been moping around feeling sorry myself, It was only a matter of time. As a family we share everything! After a few long naps, lots of tea, wholesome food and a spot of daytime trashy tv while the children were napping (shhhh don't tell anyone my dirty little secret!) I think we're on the mend. I have my hen's night to look forward to this weekend, Lola's school harvest festival, The Special's concert next week and OUR WEDDING in 2 and a bit weeks! Yikes, as you can see there's no time for germs in this household at the moment!! Germs, I'm sorry to say it's time for you guys to pack your bags and be on your merry way! Ciao.


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