DIY garland

It is 4 weeks until our wedding!!! Yikes, I am sooo crazy excited! I have been busy, busy making pretty things for the big day. By busy I mean 50 metres of garland type of busy! Have you made some pretty garland before? Would you like to? It's really very simple. I have popped together a little tutorial for you. You can use anything your heart fancies, I have used some pretty napkins I found at the oppy for $2!! I have also used doilies & vintage hankies. You could use any fabric, bedsheets, curtains, paper, ANYTHING really!

You will need:
material for garland, today I'm using vintage napkins
cotton webbing or binding

1. Cut fabric to the size and shape you would like your garland to be. Today I cut the napkin into quarters.
2. Sew along the cut edges so they are neat and don't frey.
3. Place you fabric onto your webbing, fold webbing in half and pin in place.
4. Sew along the webbing

There you go, you have yourself some pretty garland. Enjoy!


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