rearranging routine

This week has moved at a different pace so far. Thinking it would be the usual week of school runs, rushing around, writing, studying and all those other bits in between - it's been anything but.

Instead one child has a cold and the other a tummy bug. So far, it's been cuddles, comforting, late nights, early mornings and the uneasy feeling that comes with sick children. It's times like these that I am so grateful that I am a stay at home mother. My routine has been thrown but I get to be here. To be present with my little ones. There's work to be done but I have been able to do that while they have napped and boy have they napped these past few days.

I've been housebound, which hasn't been so bad given the cold rainy weather we've had. The fire has been going for days and we've been pottering around at a super slow pace. Stories, tea, soup, fritters and a sneaky movie (or few) has eased us into this slow pace.

The hardest part being a restless three year old who can't understand why her big sister is sleeping all day at the moment. Longing to play and interact, such joy when Lola said she would try to paint for a bit with her. For that short while the house felt lively again before it was time to rest once more.

Rest time has been a quiet time for myself to take photos of stock, edit and fill the Little Bubalishka shop. I've studied and written a few posts. It's been a peaceful and productive time. It's been nice to work with both smalls sleeping soundly near me, just like they did when they were babies. It will be nicer though when they both have their strength back and they're back to their cheeky selves!

How is your week faring so far? xx

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  1. Ah yes, the rhythm of children! I envy your ability to be a stay at home mum - how I long to comfort my baby when she is ill. There is nothing more I enjoy than her little cuddles - it breaks my heart to leave her with another when she is not 100%. How wonderful it is to stumble upon your blog - gorgeous words and images xo